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My name is Carmelo DiPasquale. I grew up in Northern New Jersey in an Italian household. I was raised by Italian speaking parents and did not learn English until I was 5 years old. At this time, I was introduced to soccer and found it to be a beneficial way to communicate with other kids. As I continued to become a competitive athlete I realized how important it was to work hard, grow, and prosper at the tasks in front of me. I joined the military in 2005 and served in the Marine Corp as a rifle infantryman for 8 years, where I served 3 deployments overseas. During this time, I realized how important it was to be in shape throughout this strenuous job. I found a passion for working out and staying fit. Through this passion, I found myself helping others get fit. By combining these traits, I thought what better career then personal training. I went to school to become a certified personal trainer assisting me in being most informed in proper exercise. I also enjoy many outdoor activities. My hobbies include playing sports especially soccer and softball. I also enjoy extreme challenges such as Spartan races. This keeps me very active and social in my community.



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When I first started training with Carmelo, I thought I was in decent shape. I worked out 6 days a week but I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for is spite of all my efforts.

In December of 2017 I began my training. I committed to a six month program with sessions twice a week.  Carmelo has been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals.

He spends hours designing programs specifically for me. He also listens to ideas and ways to perfect exercises that best suit me. He is so fun and easy to talk too, but he is also pushes me to my limit.

He always says, “You are stronger than you think you are”. His constant motivation inspires me to continue to push myself.

He is a stickler for form. He continues to monitor each exercise so that I am targeting and isolating the muscles in my program.  When I am at any other gym, I now can recognize poor form and improper posture in others. “The student becomes the teacher.”

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a gifted trainer. He is so calm and caring. It is apparent that he loves what he does. Each time I come to the gym he has either purchased a new piece of equipment or incorporates a new exercise for me.

The training is worth every cent. I have to remind myself that if I could have done it on my own, I would have. This is an investment in my health, fitness and future. I also used to have knee pain from a prior injury. I would wear a knee brace and often felt pain after exercising.  Since my time with him, I no longer wear a knee brace and best of all I have no knee pain! He is a life changer.

Orla OBrien

MARCH 27 2018

When I first started looking for a workout program or a personal trainer I knew that after the past several years of my own self-inflicted damage, mind, body, and soul that I had to be sure to find the right environment for the breakdown and the rebuild. Since the first time I walked by the gym and heard the radio playing RATM, I knew that right there within those 4 walls, is where I needed to be. This was scary and intimidating, but something that I have never done but always wanted to do. I signed up with intentions to better myself, clear my head, clean my body, and repair as much of my soul as possible. I also wanted to get rid of depression, bad eating, and bad habits. Now almost 3 months into my journey I am not the same person as when I began. I have more energy, flexibility, stamina, and my body is toning up and reshaping. The sense of clarity and peace of mind that I have back now is the best part of my journey so far.

Words cannot express my gratitude to my personal trainer for everything that he has done for me and how he has pushed me to find what is buried within myself again. The structure of the workout plans, his attentiveness to me as a client regarding injury of my body and mindset, and helping me get in the zone is far more than I expected. He effectively utilizes every minute for serious workouts to my benefit and is simply outstanding!!!!


JUNE 19,2017

"I lost weight, got tone, and feel stronger within 6 months"


December 16, 2016

"I put on 10 pounds body mass in three months"


January 15, 2017

carmelo dipasquale


845 S Coast Hwy

Oceanside, CA 

Tel: 760-994-3610

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